Halloween Games Ideas 2019

Surely you have prepared some ghost movie , your costume and the occasional joke to spend this Halloween. But, if you really want to have fun, we bring you the best Halloween games so you can have a scary time on this halloween. Halloween is a night when the barrier between the world of the living and that of the dead is broken. It is easier to see monsters, ghosts and spirits, and establish contact with them through various rituals. Check out our selection of the best Halloween games for all ages. Choose the ones that best suit your age, the space you have at home.

halloween games

Big Bang! Or balloons with surprises

If you feel like the night is full of noise, confetti and candies you can create a pumpkin-shaped mural with the help of a group of orange balloons arranged close together.

Inside the balloons you can introduce surprises such as candy, gum, confetti … And the fun begins when children explode with a strong bang!

The flying ghost

Ask the children to sit in a wide circle. Place a white balloon with eyes and ghostly mouth in the center. Children should pass it on to each other without letting it touch the ground. Simple, right? And also super fun!

Ghost bowling

We propose a creative idea to make your own bowling at home. It’s as simple as picking up ten rolls of toilet paper , black cardboard, scissors and glue. With the cardboard create the eyes and mouth of the ghosts with round and oval figures. Paste them on the toilet paper rolls to compose the ghosts face.

We will launch it with a pumpkin. Another possibility is to decorate an orange ball as if it were Jack-o’-Lantern and try to take down the ghosts. Will you be able to throw all the bowling?

Hoop Throw

The idea is to throw the hoop and get it to fit in the corner of the pumpkin, ideal for playing indoors or in the garden. You only need a pair of pumpkins or any pointed objects, such as a witch hat, and plastic rings. If you don’t have hoops, you can make them with disposable cardboard plates. An economic game, adapted to Halloween and very fun to do as a family.

Frozen Halloween dance

Do you know that game in which you play music, children start dancing and stop? The kids should stay “frozen” when the music stops. Whoever is on the move after the music ends will be eliminated. Finally, the winner is the one who is last. If you choose the right Halloween music and everyone is dressed up, it can be a lot of fun.

There are many other Halloween Games that you can do with children. They can play to find a hidden pumpkin that houses a treasure inside… Or play riddles with characters from a tale of terror and mystery. Creativity can be displayed without limits on the pretext of having a lively evening with the kids. Can you think of other ideas? Share them.



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